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ECG patient monitor / EEG / NIBP / IBP
Life Scope G5



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  • Applications:

    clinical, transport

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  • Screen size:

    12.1 in, 15.6 in


Nihon Kohden’s Life Scope G5 is designed with a new platform for two models – 12.1” and 15,6” – and the option to add up to two additional displays. The advanced features of Life Scope G5 enable clinicians to customize the patient monitor for needs in different care areas throughout the entire hospital. By reducing false alarms, workload and the time for diagnoses, the Life Scope G5 supports the improvement of better and by providing additional information with standard procedures for better and informed patient management.
Quality of patient-centered care
To enhance patient-centered care, the Life Scope G5 is offering the following innovative solutions.

Rapid response without additional workload.

iNIBP: Fast and painless non-invasive blood pressure measurement with the unique iNIBP-technology.
PWTT: Pulse wave transit time triggered by the NIBP measurement for detecting changes in the patient´s blood pressure.
esCCO: Enhanced hemodynamic monitoring with no additional sensors, cost or procedure, supports clinicians even with less critical patients non-invasively or invasively with IBP.

The Life Scope G-series patient monitors stands for providing high quality especially for patient-centered care, smarter technologies and seamless patient transport.
Rapid information to make invisible information visible.

aEEG: Using the amplitude-integrated EEG enhances the easier and faster detection of seizures and allows effective long term EEG monitoring.
synECi18: Identifying invisible ischemia of the right ventricular and posterior wall by using a standard 12-lead ECG without an additional procedure.