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pressure monitoring device / flow rate / multigas / anesthetic gas



  • Tested parameter:

    pressure, flow rate, multigas, anesthetic gas

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Respiration gas concentration measurement
Respiration volume measurement (GF-220R)
Mainly used in the operating room
Continuous monitoring of O2, CO2, N2O and volatile anesthetic agents (halothane, enflurane, isoflurane,sevoflurane, and desflurane)
Continuous monitoring of airway flow rate, airway pressure and airway volume (GF-220R only)
Expiratory and inspiratory phases of respiration from momentary concentrations
Calculates the rate of respiration and determines the concentration of each component during inspiration and at exhalation
Automatic identification of five anesthetic agents
Fast measurement just 60 seconds after turning the power on
Small sampling flow rate of 200 mL/minute allows measurement of volatile anesthetics and is useful for neonatal monitoring
Automatic or user-set flow rate
Can be mounted horizontally or vertically