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Breakthrough Stereo Microscope Optics
Traditional boundaries between scientific fields such as molecular biology and developmental biology are rapidly disappearing as researchers seek to connect findings at the molecular level to those derived from cellular, tissue, and organismal studies. Fields including molecular biology, cell biology, neurobiology, embryology, developmental biology and systems biology have increasing needs for imaging systems that span spatial scales from single cells to whole organisms.

With these demands in mind, Nikon has developed a stereo microscope that features a large zoom ratio of 25:1, high resolution and exceptional fluorescence transmission capability.

Key Features
World's largest zoom range enables high resolution macro to micro imaging
An innovative optical system known as Perfect Zoom System provides the world's first zoom ratio of 25:1 (zoom range: 0.63x - 15.75x). Even with a 1x objective lens, the SMZ25 captures the entire 35mm dish and simultaneously delivers microscopic details.

Nikon Perfect Zoom System offers new levels of imaging power and versatility
A breakthrough in stereo microscope design, Perfect Zoom System dynamically changes the distance between the two optical axes as the zoom factor is changed. This change in optical axis distance enables maximization of light entry into the optical system at every magnification. The result is an uncompromised, large zoom range, high resolution in both eye paths, and minimal aberrations over the entire zoom-range.