medication management software / for pharmacies / for hospitals



  • Function:

    medication management

  • Application domain:

    for pharmacies

  • Medical establishment:

    for hospitals


Product Overview

Most automated medication dispensing cabinets store approximately 80% of the medications your patients need. The remainder – infrequently used, patient-supplied, or patient-specific items – must be handled, tracked, and administered manually.

This creates extra work for both pharmacy and nursing. It also increases the risk of loss, diversion, missing doses, and even potentially fatal medication errors.
Medication Management Software Solution

SinglePointe™, one of Omnicell’s leading patient medication management software tools, is a unique solution that enables up to 100% of a patient’s medications to be stored, managed, and tracked within the automated medication dispensing cabinet – bringing benefits to patients, nurses, and pharmacy. Nurses using SinglePointe reported 76% fewer medication errors during patient transfer.