universal operating table / orthopedic / gynecological / ophthalmic



  • Applications:

    universal, orthopedic, gynecological, ophthalmic, ENT, urological, endoscopy, laparoscopic, neurosurgery

  • Operation:

    mechanical, electro-hydraulic, electric

  • Features:

    Trendelenburg, height-adjustable, reverse Trendelenburg, tilting, radiolucent, ergonomic, on casters

  • Patient type:

    bariatric, pediatric


Mobile operating table ASSO has a universal table suitable for all surgical specialties including traumatology.

To ensure an optimal exposure of the surgical site, ASSO offers the opportunity to reach the most extreme positions with respect to the safety and comfort of both patient and user.

ASSO has electro-hydraulic column movements and electro-mechanical table top movements, completely independent from one another.

The exceptional load capacity of ASSO is 453 kg (1000lb).

ASSO is made of stainless steel and noble materials of the highest quality. The electro-polishing procedure is currently the best technique for stainless steel treatment. It ensures a longer life of the material and a simpler cleaning of the table. After the treatment, the surface is smooth, shiny and more resistant to scratches and bacterial agents.

ASSO can be integrated with the main control systems for integrated OR thanks to wireless communication protocols which comply with the most stringent regulatory standards.