universal operating table / orthopedic / gynecological / ENT



  • Applications:

    universal, orthopedic, gynecological, ENT, urological, laparoscopic, neurosurgery

  • Operation:

    hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, manual

  • Features:

    Trendelenburg, height-adjustable, reverse Trendelenburg, tilting, X-ray transparent, ergonomic, on casters

  • Patient type:

    bariatric, pediatric


Ergonomics and Manoeuvrability
The base of the table is compact and has a small footprint in order to allow a better
access to the operating area.
Table has a simple and practical manoeuvrability and is completely safe thanks to 4
swivelling castors.
The 5 th wheel (mechanical or motorized) allows the user to comfortably and safely
move the table in case of long transfers or even with bariatric patients.

Modularity and Stability
All of the electro-hydraulic movements of the table are completely independent from
one another. Using wired/wireless remote control with LCD touch screen, users always
have a clear control of the tables status.
The electrically controlled castor locking system is activated using a wired/wireless
remote control.

Constructive Technology
VITA is made of high quality stainless steel and is electro polished for protection
against cleaning agents.
The cushions of the table top are Standard or Viscoelastic, to ensure patient comfort
and avoid bed sores.