microscope light source / for endoscopes / LED
Fibrolux LED HP



  • Applications:

    for microscopes, for endoscopes

  • Light source:



The FIBROLUX LED HP developed by OPTOMIC is a versatile light source used in endoscopy, microscopy and colposcopy. One of its unique features is the possibility of choosing between white and warm light, adapting to the preference and needs of each doctor.

E x t e n s i v e L E D l i f e s p a n : 6 0 . 0 0 0 h o u r s.

Tw o c o l o u r t e m p e r a t u r e s : w h i t e o r w a r m.

P o w e r s u p p l y f o r c a m e r a , m o n i t o r a n d P C.

High performance light:
The powerful illumination is achieved through a distinctive optical
light condensation system, composed of four lenses, that makes the
light highly intense.

Two light colours:
For a maximum illumination comfort and an improved colour
reproduction, the user can choose between two colour temperatures;
intense white light (6.000ºK) or warm daylight (4.500ºK).

Multiple connection possibilities:
In the rear of the light source, two 12V DC outputs allow for the
connection of a camera or a monitor. An AC power output for
external devices, as for example PC, laptop or monitor, is also
available. Optionally, a foot pedal can be connected in order to turn
on and off the device remotely.

The minimal cabling results in an easy and tidy installation.
without annoying interruptions and to save in consumables.

Energy efficient unit:
The FIBROLUX LED HP is a low energy consumption device. With a LED lamp lifespan of more than 60.000 hours, the need of frequent lamp

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