hospital bed mattress / foam / anti-decubitus / bariatric
Ninfa XXL

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hospital bed mattress / foam / anti-decubitus / bariatric hospital bed mattress / foam / anti-decubitus / bariatric - Ninfa XXL


  • Applications:

    for hospital beds

  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    anti-decubitus, bariatric


Matress built with 5cm of Memory Foam + 12cm Latex D80, for users with body weight greater than 85kg. Matress built with 100%
Latex, great for a good ventilation. Is a articulable, reversible with 2 equal sides mattress. The Latex is a hypoallergenic material that
prevents the growth of bacterias,fungi and dust mites in its interior. It is a firm, elastic and flexible material witch allows a correct spinal
support and facilitates the blood circulation. The Latex material has a great longevity.
Memory Foam: Viscoelastic foam, extremely moudable and cozy that alloys a proven reduction of the pressure on the skin and blood
vessels, thus contributing for a better blood circulation. The viscoelastic foam adapts completely to the shape of the body providing a
sense of lightness that result in a extremely restful sleep.
Soyafoam: Foam used as base of support. Is an innovative polyurethane because it is an ecological foam, made based on soy.
Inside cover: Fabric cover 50% cotton, 50% Polyester, with Zip. Is optional. When exists, should never be removed.