temporary cardiac stimulator
Pace 101H®

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temporary cardiac stimulator temporary cardiac stimulator - Pace 101H®


The Oscor PACE 101H is a premium quality single-chamber external cardiac pacemaker. Based on 30 years of pacing experience, the PACE 101H is defined by its light weight, ease of operation, durability and dependability. It is intended for temporary atrial or ventricular pacing and supports synchronous (VVI, AAI) and asynchronous (VOO, AOO) operating modes.
Basic stimulation frequency up to 180 ppm
Rapid atrial pacing up to 720 ppm
Atrial overdrive stimulation
Small form factor and low weight
Easy set up of stimulation parameters by ergonomically designed dials
Protective cover to safeguard against accidental changes to settings
Long battery lifetime: up to 38 days of operation with a single 9 V Alkaline battery
Sensed intrinsic activity and paced pulses are indicated optically by a LED
Automatic surveillance of battery charge condition
Pacing run-away protection feature
Patient cable system featuring patented connector with protected pins for convenient, reliable electrical connections to increase patient safety
Standard 2 year limited warranty