temporary cardiac stimulator
Pace 300®

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temporary cardiac stimulator temporary cardiac stimulator - Pace 300®


Triple Chamber External Pacemaker

Oscor’s PACE 300 is the world’s first temporary three-chamber cardiac pacemaker featuring bi-ventricular pacing capability with individually programmable ventricular pacing and sensing channels and programmable inter-ventricular stimulation delay. It is designed for cardiac resynchronization therapy with one atrial and two independent ventricular channels. The available trigger modes and the adjustable interventricular stimulation delay provide a resynchronization option of both ventricles for different heart diseases: Arrhythmia and cardiac conduction disorders, Bradycardia after cardiac surgery, Pacemaker implant or replacement procedures.

Easy setup of stimulation parameters by ergonomically designed dials and soft keys
High rate function for rapid atrial pacing of up to 1,000 ppm (adjustable while applying rapid atrial pacing therapy)
Activate emergency stimulation mode (D00, 12 V, 80 ppm, BV) by pressing “EMERGENCY” button
Convenient measurement of P/R wave peak amplitudes while pressing “PAUSE” button
PVARP and MTR depending on selected stimulation rate
Optional AUTO SENSE function which automatically tracks P/R wave peak amplitudes and adjusts atrial and ventricular sensitivities accordingly
Automatic mode switch to asynchronous modes upon detection of interference
Continuous surveillance of battery exhaustion and pacing lead system integrity
Large backlit display informs quickly about battery status, pacing mode, parameter settings, activated automatic functions and lead system safety surveillance