temperature tester / dissolved oxygen / laboratory / for medical research
OxyLite™ Pro, OxyLite™ Pro XL



  • Tested parameter:

    temperature, dissolved oxygen

  • Applications:

    laboratory, for medical research

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:

    digital, with touchscreen


Our third generation, multi-channel dissolved oxygen (pO2) and temperature monitors with touch-screen

Oxygen (pO2) & temperature monitor
In vivo & in vitro applications
Fully ‘plug and play’; no calibration procedures
2 or 4-channel monitors
Enhanced productivity & features
Touch-screen display

The survival of tissues and organs relies on an adequate supply of oxygen. The measurement of tissue oxygen tension (ptiO2) provides a direct measurement of the balance between oxygen supply (by the blood) and metabolic oxygen consumption (by the tissue), i.e. a readout of oxygen availability at the cellular level. This is in contrasts to spectroscopy (NIRS) techniques, which merely describe haemoglobin oxygenation status.

Our OxyLite™ oxygen monitors will be of interest therefore to life scientists wishing to directly and continuously measure dissolved oxygen in the normal physiological as well as hypoxic ranges, both in experimental in vivo models, or in any number of in vitro applications.

Since 1998, when Oxford Optronix pioneered the commercialization of fibre-optic oxygen micro-sensor technology, the OxyLite™ brand has become established the world over in biomedical, boasting in excess of 500 peer-reviewed journal citations and hundreds of units sold worldwide.

2013 saw the culmination of a decade and half of continuous R&D with the launch of our third-generation of tissue oxygen monitors. Blending contemporary design, true plug and play convenience and the very latest in opto-electronic technology, our OxyLite™ Pro systems provide what is simply the most advanced, accurate and reliable tissue oxygen monitoring platform on the market.