temperature tester / dissolved oxygen / oxygen / laboratory



  • Tested parameter:

    temperature, dissolved oxygen, oxygen

  • Applications:

    laboratory, for medical research

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:



Our third generation, single-channel dissolved oxygen (pO2) and temperature monitor

Oxygen (pO2) & temperature monitor
In vivo & in vitro applications
Fully ‘plug and play’; no calibration procedures
Single-channel monitor

International gold standard
The OxyLite™ brand is recognized the world over in biomedical
hypoxia and ischaemia research, boasting in excess of 500
peer-reviewed journal citations and hundreds of units sold.

The easiest to use oxygen monitor, in the world!
No sensor calibration procedures, no sensor drift, built-in
temperature compensation, oxygen displayed directly in absolute
units, integrated touch-screen*. Our OxyLite monitors are simply
the most user-friendly oxygen monitors available today.

Cancer biology, angiogenesis, stroke and brain injury, vital organ
and muscle tissue monitoring, flap monitoring, ophthalmology,
wound healing as well as dissolved oxygen monitoring in cell
culture, bioreactors etc., etc.

Absolute units of dissolved oxygen
OxyLite™ generates absolute units of dissolved oxygen in
mmHg or kPa. In tissues this represents a direct readout of oxygen
availability to cells and tissue, in contrast to blood oxygen saturation
assessment, which merely describes the haemoglobin oxygenation

Third-generation fluorescence-based ‘optode’ technology provides
unmatched sensitivity, stability and accuracy in the physiologically
relevant pO2 range and under conditions of hypoxia.

Multi-channel productivity and versatility
The OxyLite™ Pro is available in dual or 4-channel versions for
simultaneous monitoring from multiple tissue sites or multiple
in vitro samples.