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    oxygen therapy

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Multiplace Hyperbaric Chamber

OXYLIFE C - Premium Multiplace Oxygen Therapy Chamber

Mini Multiplace

The OxyHelp OxyLife C Multiplace chamber is ideal for the treatment of multiple patients at the same time, either with an assistant or observer inside to monitor the patients and assist with the therapy, electronic functions or emergencies.
The Mini or Maxi Multiplace chambers can also fit cardio equipment like a stationary bike or can be fitted with 2 to 4 seats for patients to enjoy collective therapy sessions.

Maxi Multiplace

The Mini & Maxi Multiplace Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers are constructed to distinct specifications for clinics that receive an influx of numerous patients in oxygen therapy care. The chambers reduce staff personnel for patients and are designed for confortable therapy sessions. An operator can control the chamber from the outside, either step inside with the patients. The chambers feature dual computer operation to allow patients to setup their medical protocol from both the inside and the outside.

Interior comfort

Modular construction
Flexible seals, gaskets and fluid sealing materials placed between modules and sections prevent gas leakage and loss of pressure from the chamber
Foldable seats allow convenient space usage
Possibility of wheelchair access
Chamber can be equipped with a stationary bike

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is as natural as breathing
Oxygen therapy is one of the most powerful and 100% natural ways to decrease inflammation, accelerate wound healing, and optimize both physical and mental performance.