medicine automated dispensing system / pharmacy
Parata Max®

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medicine automated dispensing system / pharmacy medicine automated dispensing system / pharmacy - Parata Max®


  • Applications:

    pharmacy, medicine


Maximize Your Efficiency

Parata Max sets new benchmarks for speed, supports up to 188 NDCs, and automates up to 60 percent of your total prescription volume. With Max doing the labeling, counting, sorting and capping, you’re free to focus on running your business and providing the kind of patient care that inspired you to become a pharmacist.

Minimize Your Touch Time

Built to run smoothly with little upkeep, Parata Max can store up to 232 completed prescriptions before requiring attendance. And its smart, two-sided design separates inventory from dispensing, so you can replenish vials, caps and drugs while Max continues to complete prescriptions.

Put Safety First

When proper processes are followed, Parata Max is 100 percent accurate for drug and dose. Each cell contains a unique barcode, which is scanned during restocking to ensure a match with the stock bottle. The barcode also enables Max to identify a cell and its contents from any location in the unit, so Max always dispenses the correct drug.