medication management software / verification / prescription / for pharmacies
Pharmacy 2000™



  • Function:

    verification, medication management, prescription

  • Application domain:

    for pharmacies


Maximize Your Efficiency

Pharmacy 2000 simplifies your fulfillment process, reducing the number of steps to fill a prescription and eliminating unnecessary interactions with software. By creating distinct workstations for entering, filling and verifying prescriptions, Pharmacy 2000 allows users to perform tasks concurrently. To streamline pharmacist verification, Pharmacy 2000 consolidates orders with multiple prescriptions, so you check everything at once.

Put Safety First

With fewer steps, there are fewer opportunities for errors. Pharmacy 2000 creates a systematic process that extends safety and accuracy across your entire prescription volume. Through barcode scanning, pill imaging and user authentication, Pharmacy 2000 ensures accuracy for every prescription.

Go Paperless

Pharmacy 2000 reduces clutter and confusion with streamlined, paperless processing. Easily image hard copy prescriptions to handle them digitally, and access electronic records when you need to review them or generate reports.