supply beam system / ceiling-mounted / with shelves / intensive care



  • Type:

    supply beam system

  • Installation:


  • Other characteristics:

    with shelves, intensive care


Technical Specifications

Field of Usage:
Intensive Care
Basic Setup:
One-sided, on wall
Coverage Area:
up to 3.8m (extendable with additional columns)
up to 75 kg per platform
Hooks, infusion system holders, additional rails,
movable consoles for equipment (up to 2)
Gas Installation:
depending on customer configuration in upper compartment of bridge profile
Electrical Installation:
depending on customer configuration in lower compartment of bridge profile
incl. low voltage equipment
Standard Color:
Anodized Aluminum

Energy supply bridges represent an innovative alternative solution to traditional supply technology.
These systems are characterised by an extremely flexible design making it possible to adapt them for a wide range of different processes and provide the essential media needed in the operating theatres or intensive care units.
Outlets for supply are fitted in an aluminium profile heavy-duty channel that houses all supply cables and tubes. Instrument carriers and other modular accessories can easily be mounted if required.
In operating theatre use, the energy bridge service side is strategically positioned opposite the aseptic surgical area. Since energy supply bridges provide outlets for all media, there is no need for wall connections for gas and electric current.
Special instrument carriers are designed to take a whole range of instruments and equipment, keeping the floor area clear of cables and tubes and removing the danger of tripping.
Energy supply bridges provide an ideal basis for improving ergonomic and hygienic procedures in operating theatres and intensive care units.

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