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infusion pump analyzer / flow rate / pressure / portable



  • Tested parameter:

    flow rate, pressure

  • Applications:

    for infusion pumps

  • Configuration:

    portable, compact

  • Other characteristics:

    digital, automatic


FlowTrax® Infusion Pump Analyzer Kit


The first palm-size Infusion Pump Analyzer, FlowTrax® has numerous features in a very small affordable and portable package — while rivaling the larger, more expensive competitive products with impressive accuracy and speed. IV pumps can now be tested for Flow Rate and Volume in 3 minutes or less within a 1% accuracy using FlowTrax® patent-pending fluid tracking technology.

FlowTrax® includes all the features of more expensive larger IV Pump Analyzers a full featured pressure temperature meter and a digital stopwatch — four pieces of test equipment in a single device! FlowTrax® comes standard with a 4-year parts and labor warranty.


FlowTrax® was designed with a patent-pending dynamic fluid detection system which enables FlowTrax® to track fluid movement in real time.

This measurement system provides 1200 measurement points in a 1ml fluid column, thus providing superior accuracy in fluid volume and rate calculations over traditional analyzers. View the product manual on our User Manuals page.

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Accuracy1% of reading ± 1 LSD for 1ml/hr to 999 ml/hr, 2% ± 1 LSD below 1ml/hr. 0.85% of reading for 500ml/hr, 12ml Volume under steady flow conditions.
Range-28° to 115.5° C
ResolutionFlow Rates: 0.01ml; Volume: 0.001ml
Occlusion Pressure TestingProvides Real Time and Peak Pressure Measurements
Digital Timer/StopwatchAutomatically starts and stops with fluid measurements. No need to stop analyzer when test complete.
Temperature Meter Features:

Range-28.9° to 115.5° C
Units of MeasureFahrenheit, Celsius
General Features:

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