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NIBP simulator / heart rate / monitor / portable
SC-5 SimCube®

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NIBP simulator NIBP simulator - SC-5 SimCube®


  • Procedure:

    NIBP, heart rate

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SC-5 SimCube® NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) Simulator

The full-featured SC-5 SimCube® NIBP (Non-Invasive Blood Pressure) Simulator provides ECG, Resp, Arrhythmias, Pacer Simulation, IBP, and more for accurate biomedical testing. The SimCube simulates real-life oscillometric pulses by varying both the shape and size of the wave as cuff pressure changes. All SimCube NIBP simulators feature one-button operation in a compact, 3-inch cube. Get 150-250 NIBP simulations from a set of 4 “AA” alkaline or NIMH batteries using the optional Battery Boost. View the product manual on our User Manuals page.

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Physical Dimensions

Size3″ x 3″ x 3.5″ (7.6cm X 7.6cm X 8.9cm)
Weight2.5 Lbs
PowerExternal A/C Adaptor (Output: 6VDC / 1.8amps, 2.1mm, center positive connector) or
4 AA Batteries (with Battery Boost Option)
NIBP ConnectionQuick Disconnect
ECG/Resp Connection10 ECG snaps
IBP ConnectionMini-DIN

Range– 400 to + 400 mmHg
ResolutionPos pressures +/-0.1 mmHg, Neg pressures +/-1 mmHg
Accuracy+/-1 mmHg
User Interface:

Operating ModesAdult NIBP
Hypertensive NIBP
Hypotensive NIBP
Over Pressure (Peak Detect)
HR Seq. / Alarm Test
ECG Pacer ON Arrhythmia Sequence Invasive BP Zero Invasive BP 100, 200 Invasive BP Sequence
NIBP Adult Simulation:

Simulated Pressure120/80 (97) mmHg
Simulated Heart Rate70 bpm
Simulated Pulse Volume1 ml
NIBP Neonatal Simulation:

Simulated Pressure70/40 (51) mmHg
Simulated Heart Rate95 bpm
Simulated Pulse Volume0.5 ml
NIBP Hypertensive Simulation:

Simulated Pressure190/120 (142) mmHg
Simulated Heart Rate70 bpm
Simulated Pulse Volume1 ml