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multi-parameter monitor analyzer / compact / portable



  • Applications:

    for multi-parameter monitor

  • Configuration:

    portable, compact



NEW BMET Pack PRO, a compact pack for all Pronk products and accessories with extra space for tools and 15.6-in. PC/tablet compartment. Includes the world’s smallest simulators — SC-5 SimCube® NIBP, OX-2 OxSim Flex® SpO2, and SimSlim® Multi-parameter — plus the new Safe-T Sim™ Automated Safety Analyzer and next-gen FT-2 FlowTrax® IV Pump Analyzer with Pressure and Temperature Meters. With customized padded compartments, the BMET Pack PRO makes it easier than ever to travel with all your test equipment between hospitals and clinics.

BMET Pack PRO is the most portable test equipment on the market. Testing capabilities include:

Electrical Safety Analyzer — Safe-T Sim™

One-touch Automated Testing – 20 Amp Capacity
User-defined tests and Pass/Fail limits
ECG and Respiration Simulation
Electronic test reports via Bluetooth Safe-T Sim App – Runs on smart phones, tablets and PC
Automatically generates complete test report – App stores up to 1000 records

Vital Signs Simulation – SimCube System ADVANCED

12-lead ECG, Respiration, NIBP, SpO2, 4-IBP, Cardiac Output, YSI Temperature, Digital manometer
Test all parameters simultaneously
Saturation, pulse rates and perfusion levels in 1-digit increments
Auto Detection of SpO2 manufacturer
Multi-Parameter simulator that runs up to 10 years w/o charging
Infusion Pump Analyzer – FlowTrax

Fastest, most accurate analyzer on the market
Results within a 1% accuracy in 3 minutes or less
Electronic occlusion testing
No re-priming between tests
Digital stopwatch/timer