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clinical chemistry laboratory reagent / plasma / serum / liquid



  • Applications:

    for clinical chemistry

  • Sample type:

    plasma, serum

  • Other characteristics:



Clinical chemistry assay for determination of PROCALCITONIN

Cost-effective method.
Cormay Procalcitonin assay is based on latex enhanced immunoturbidimetric method. PCT proteins in the sample bind to the specific anti-
PCT antibody, which is coated on latex particles, resulting in agglutination (forming PCT-antibody complexes). The degree of the turbidity
caused by agglutination is measured optically and is proportional to the amount of PCT in the sample. The analyzer calculates the PCT
concentration of a sample by interpolation of the obtained signal with regard to a 6-point calibration curve.

Fast test results - approximately 10 min. Easy to use.
Serum and Plasma can be tested.

Dedicated for BS 400, BS 480, BS 800, BS 800M