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pigmented lesion treatment laser / tattoo removal / Nd:YAG / ruby



  • Applications:

    pigmented lesion treatment, tattoo removal

  • Amplifying medium:

    Nd:YAG, ruby

  • Configuration:


  • Pulse duration:


  • Wavelength:

    532 nm, 694 nm, 1,064 nm


Q-Plus MT EVO represents a real innovation thanks to the best triple active Q-switched wavelengths and the revolutionary Quanta System Mixed Technology.

Q-Plus MT EVO is based on powerful Q-Switched Ruby 694 nm, Nd:YAG 1064 and Nd:YAG 532 nm lasers. It is able to deliver single, sequential or simultaneous wavelength emissions to ensure a great versatility in clinical applications. Q-Plus MT EVO includes different Q-Switched lasers which interact photo-acoustically with the tissues, and, by free-running modality, in a Photo-Thermal way. These exclusive combinations make this system unique and capable of treating more efficiently multi-color tattoos, benign pigmented lesions and skin rejuvenation, without using the inefficient and consumables dye handpieces really common in other systems.

Technical Specifications :
Q-Switched Nd:YAG 1064nm 6ns in single pulse
Q-Switched FD Nd:YAG 532nm 6ns in single pulse
Q-Switched Ruby 694nm 30 ns in single pulse