mechanical micropipette / single-channel
100 ΜL ÷ 1000 ΜL - RW8-106-20-9



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  • Volume:

    Min.: 0.1 ml (0.0034 US fl oz)

    Max.: 1 ml (0.0338 US fl oz)


RADWAG Pipettes by Capp is a brand new line up of pipettes designed with the use of advanced materials, contributing to creation of the most ecological pipettes, currently available in the market.Our pipettes represent the new line of „liquid handling products” designed for fast measurement and transfer of low volume liquids. Exceptional accuracy combined with the highest accuracy and ergonomic design, with rigid and reliable construction are the main distinctive features of our products. The unique mechanism of the pipette ensures unprecedented accuracy and repeatability with reduced thumb workload.All the pipettes are inspected for the conformity with the requirements of accuracy and repeatability, according to PN-EN ISO 8655 standard. Each pipette is delivered with a test report containing measurement results, and the manual presents practical tips on pipetting techniques.
Large and readable display that is fully visible during pipetting;
Innovative soft grip preventing heat transfer to the pipette inside;
Low pressure required to use the pipette reduces the risk of RSI;
Simple click mechanism for changing the pipette volume;
Option of autoclaving the whole pipette (disassembling not required). Recommended autoclaving process: 15 minutes at 121°C temperature, 1.05 bar pressure;
Tip ejector collar is made of PVDF which has a high chemical resistance (also at high temperatures) and low susceptibility to microorganisms expansion;
Ultra UV resistance;
Convenient button for changing the tips;
Compatible with most of the tips available on the market.