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laboratory autoclave / dental / for veterinary clinics / test
AE-DRY series



  • Application domain:

    laboratory, dental, for veterinary clinics, test

  • Configuration:

    vertical, floor-standing, compact

  • Other characteristics:

    automatic, microprocessor-controlled, with vacuum cycle, programmable, with dryer, semi-automatic, stainless steel

  • Temperature range:

    Min.: 100 °C (212 °F)

    Max.: 134 °C (273.2 °F)

  • Capacity:

    33 l, 55 l, 79 l, 115 l, 175 l (8.7 gal)


Automatic Autoclaves with Drying

Series AE-DRY

The AE DRY floor standing automatic vertical autoclaves with top loading access deliver great performance for general labware sterilization in many industries, educational and medical facilities and research institutes with the aim of increasing the productivity of the laboratory

The AE DRY autoclaves are intended for the sterilization of a wide range of solid materials such as unwrapped and wrapped items, small porous objects and hollow ware type B (slightly deep and broad cavities), glass, plastic, metallic objects and waste bags. The drying feature and the automatic water control level reduce operator time dedicated to the autoclave leading to facilitate the sterilization procedures in the general laboratory.

Intended use
Suitable to sterilize: Unwrapped solids, wrapped solids, small porous objects and hollow ware type B (slightly deep and broad cavities), glass, liquids, plastic, metallic ware, waste bags, etc.

Agar mode (40 to 80 ºC).
Heart probe (optional).
Programmable auto-start (24 hours).
Heart probe (optional).
Built in or benchtop printer (optional).
Chamber, lid, closure, top and external case made of AISI-304 stainless steel.

Total control by microprocessor: ten sterilization programs, six of them are user free.
Feeding water reservoir.
Automatic chamber filling.
Automatic drying.
It includes connection RS232 for PC/printer.
It includes inlet in chamber for an external validation probe.
Supplied with a protecting grid for heaters
Safety valve and thermostat.
Hydraulic door blocking system while existing positive pressure in the chamber.
Safety Pressure switch.
Open lid sensor.