preoperative planning software / for stereotactic neurosurgery



  • Function:

    preoperative planning

  • Application domain:

    for stereotactic neurosurgery


What can neuroinspire™ be used for?The neuroinspire™ surgical planning software provides the tools that can assist you with the planning of most stereotactic procedures. It integrates with the neuromate® stereotactic robot and provides the ability to carry out peri-operative verification. The software also has a selection of available add-on modules to suit your individual needs and preferences.Highlights Load in DICOM formatted CT and MR series including angiographs; Turn any planning view from a set of 2D slices into a 3D volume; Intuitive target and trajectory planning, whilst avoiding key anatomy and blood vessels; Transfer plans between neuroinspire stations A customisable catalogue of implantable devices and tools; Define a safety corridor around a trajectory; Modular design allows future developments.New features• Now also supports Enhanced DICOM and IMA formatted CT and MR series;• Recent plans can be opened from the start screen, saving time;• Default windowing setting for the viewing of bone in CT series;• Use of LiveWire segmentation allows quick and intuitive semi-automatic delineation of anatomical features.• Targets can now be displayed on the Cerefy® Electronic Brain Atlas additional module