flow analyzer / O2 / temperature / calibration
VenTest 800 series

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flow analyzer / O2 / temperature / calibration flow analyzer / O2 / temperature / calibration - VenTest 800 series


  • Tested parameter:

    O2, flow, temperature, calibration, pressure, humidity

  • Applications:

    for anesthesia workstations, for respiratory ventilators, for spirometers

  • Configuration:


  • Other characteristics:



VenTest 800 Series
High-performance gas flow analyzers for ventilator measurement and calibration
All-in-one gas flow analyzer
Measures and calculates all common respiratory parameters
Built-in data storage
Portable with battery operation
Rigel VenTest 800 Series

VenTest 800
The standard model for universal applications
VenTest 810 VAC
Includes an additional sensor for vacuum measurements up to +/-1 bar
VenTest 820 LOW
Includes an additional sensor measuring minimal pressures up to 5 mbar
Measuring your pneumatic equipment for reliability and precision with a dependable calibration tool is critical in avoiding fatal errors. Precision and reliability are exactly what the VenTest Series provides.

The VenTest measures flow, pressure, temperature, humidity and O2 concentrations bi-directionally. The adult, pediatric and high-frequency ventilation measuring modes make the VenTest the ideal calibration tool for all ventilators, anesthesia machines and spirometers.