mechanical micropipette / variable-volume / single-channel



  • Technology:


  • Other characteristics:

    variable-volume, single-channel

  • Volume:

    Max.: 50 ml (1.6907 US fl oz)

    Min.: 0.05 ml (0.0017 US fl oz)


Ritter Ripette® and ritips® are the proven system solution for the complete set of dispensing volumes from 1 μl – 5.000 μl.

By its small weight (105 g) Ritter Ripette® is most suitable for long dispensing series.
Ritter Ripette® is a reliable device with low maintenance requirements by its robust design and construction with a minimum of wear parts.
Its ergonomic design and positioning of the dosage button in the upper part of the device allow single-handed volume selection, loading and dispensing.
Choose quickly and effectively and according to the requirements of your applications between the highest precision or a maximum of repetitions of your desired dosage volume.
When used in a system with Ritter ritips® the concise chart of dosage volumes per tip-size supports the selection of the best tip fo your application at any time and at a glance.
For use with Ritter ritips® professional a leaflet with dosage volumes per tip-size is contained in each tip box
Each device is tested for functioning and precision after its manufacturing. Serial number is only attributed if the requirements of DIN EN ISO 86551 are met.
One year warranty for all devices is granted provided that the instrument is handled according to the instruction manual.