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Xenius XC

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laboratory fluorometer laboratory fluorometer - Xenius XC


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SAFAS Xenius XC is an outstanding cuvette spectrofluorometer. Based on very innovative technologies and superb optics, it enables to reach exceptional sensitivity levels, especially on the most difficult solutions (turbid, scattering, cells suspensions, concentrated, etc...).

For most of applications, it is even able to work with sample compartment opened, without undergoing the drawbacks of a flash lamp.

With a scan speed up to 7000nm/minute, it can achieve excitation, emission, synchronous and 3D spectra, with many data processing functions.

In 1959, SAFAS introduced the world’s first Spectrofluorometer with grating monochromators, which was a big breakthrough in spectroscopy. Today, the Xenius is a new breakthrough, probably as important as was our 1959’s instrument.