UV-visible spectrophotometer / benchtop
Xenius DWL

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UV-visible spectrophotometer / benchtop UV-visible spectrophotometer / benchtop - Xenius DWL


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  • Wavelength:

    Min.: 200 nm

    Max.: 1,000 nm


Exceptional performances and sensitivity

SAFAS Xenius DWL is an outstanding DOUBLE WAVELENGTH cuvette spectrophotometer. Based on very innovative technologies and superb optics, it enables to reach exceptional sensitivity levels, especially on the most difficult solutions (turbid, scattering, cells suspensions, concentrated, etc...).

For most of applications, it is even able to work with sample compartment opened, without undergoing the drawbacks of a flash lamp.

With a scan speed up to 7000nm/minute, it can achieve spectra with many data processing functions.

Many options are available

SAFAS Xenius DWL can receive 10 stirred and temperature-controlled cuvettes, achieve kinetics on 10 cuvettes and at up to 10 wavelengths, achieve HPLC studies.

An evolutivity and multivalence unique on the market

The cuvette spectrophotometer SAFAS Xenius DWL can also receive later many other options, like fiber optics, automatic injectors, etc... All these possibilities are available without any dismantling.

Exceptionally powerful software

Last but not least, the software are intensively developed by SAFAS since 1988, when SAFAS introduced the world’s first PC controlled spectrophotometer, button free.

Since then, all our customers have profited by our policy of free software update for instrument’s life, making their investment a very long term one and avoiding obsolescence of their equipment.