microplate luminometer
Xenius XL

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microplate luminometer microplate luminometer - Xenius XL


  • Applications:

    for microplates


A scalable LUMINOMETER with outstanding performances

SAFAS Xenius XL is a microplate luminometer with exceptional performances and scalability. Based on innovative technologies and superb optics, it is fitted with a 100% AIR technology (no fiber optics) and includes a very high sensitivity photon counting photomultiplier, able to count from single photon discrimination up to 140 Mcps. Thus luminescence measurements have the highest sensitivity and dynamic range on the market, and additionally a superb technology enables to validate bioluminescence on certified and connected standards, which is unique in the world, to the best of our knowledge!

It features a very low cross-talking (typically 10-6 on 96 wells microplates), and is able to inject 2 different reagents in measurement position, with auto-washing and auto-priming of the automatic injectors thanks to a stainless steel/ceramic 6-way valve .

The luminometer Xenius XL can also achieve bioluminescence spectra on each individual well, with automatic data processing, as well as in cuvettes (option). With a scan speed up to 12000nm/minute, it is also fitted with many automatic data processing functions (depending on options).

In 1959, SAFAS introduced the world’s 1st spectrofluorometer fitted with 2 grating monochromators: it was a major breakthrough in spectroscopy. Today, the Xenius is a new breakthrough, bringing to science as much as had been bringing the Spectralux in 1959.

Xenius XL can be fitted with temperature controlled holders, make fast or long kinetics, work up to 10 different wavelengths of bioluminescence, inject during analysis (up to 15 injectors, and up to 75 injection areas)