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Amplifex™ Diene



  • Applications:

    for research, for mass spectrometry


Amplifex™ Diene Reagent
Benefit from an increased shelf life with the new solid formulation
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Signal enhancement maximized through intelligent chemistry

Amplifex Diene reagent is designed specifically to enhance signal strength up to 1000-fold (depending on the analyte) and can be used to specifically derivatize any molecule with a cis-diene system, such as vitamin D3, vitamin D2 and their analogs.

With the Amplifex Diene reagent, you can drastically reduce sample size and achieve ultra-low LLOD and LLOQ levels that were difficult, if not impossible, to achieve by mass spectrometry even on the most-sensitive platforms.

Intelligent design boosts ionization efficiency and improves fragmentation
Substantial reduction in sample volume and analysis time
Reactions are simple (one-step derivatization) and fast (30 minutes)
Generic derivatization technique can be used with any molecule that has a cis-diene system, such as a broader range of vitamin D3 and vitamin D2 analogs that are natural or synthetic
Now provided as a solid reagent for an increase of over 30% in shelf life compared to the previous liquid formulation