automatic electrolyte analyzer / Na+ / K+ / Cl-
ST-200 PRO

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automatic electrolyte analyzer / Na+ / K+ / Cl- automatic electrolyte analyzer / Na+ / K+ / Cl- - ST-200 PRO


  • Operation:


  • Measured parameters:

    Na+, K+, Cl-, pH, Li+, Ca2+

  • Patient type:

    for humans

  • Other characteristics:

    with ISE, with touchscreen


Sensa Core’s ST-200 Pro Electrolyte Analyzer is completely automated, microprocessor controlled electrolyte system that uses current ISE technology to make electrolyte measurements. The ST-200 Pro product measures various combinations of sodium, potassium, Ionized Calcium, Lithium, pH and Chloride in whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine.
Sensa Core's ST-200Pro / ST-200CL / 200Plus / 100B Electrolyte Analyzer products are specifically designed to meet the needs of small to medium-size laboratories by Inventing and developing the latest technology, Sensa Core’s Electrolyte Analyzers improve lab productivity, while delivering sample results economically. Snap-in electrode design, combined with precise control of calibrator volumes, ensure economical operation and a low cost per sample in our Analyzers.
Principle:Direct measurement with ion selective electrode (ISE).
Parameters:This functionality allows the change of analytes.
Sample Type:Whole blood, serum, plasma, CSF and diluted urine.
Sample volume:140µL
Reading time:65 seconds.
Speed:55 samples / hour.
Size & Weight:15” W x 12” H x 7.0” D, 8 kg.
Conditioning:Temperature: 5 0C – 40 0C, <85% moisture.
Display:7" inch high definition LCD with capacitive touch.
Print:2" inch 24 column thermal printer.
Input voltage:100/115-V AC, 50-60 Hz or 220V AC, 5060 Hz, 0.75 amp.
Battery:Optional support for 10 hours.
OS:Android. (WiFi enabled application up-gradable)