fluoroscopy system / digital / for cardiovascular fluoroscopy / with floor-mounted C-arm
Trinias B12



  • System type:

    fluoroscopy system

  • Technology:


  • Application:

    for cardiovascular fluoroscopy

  • Features:

    with floor-mounted C-arm, with ceiling-suspended C-arm, with tilting table


The concept of Trinias series unity edition

unity: unlimited intelligent technology

Personalize your experience for ultimate flexibility
Limitless Potential for Efficient Workflow
Intelligent design for intelligent care

Intelligent design delivers reliable workspace

Trinias has designed in smart form with pleasant colors such as light-green and white. This intelligent design inspires both patients and clinical users with confidence and relax.

SMART Design: Changing the way. Making it possible
SMART Access

Arm positioning and setting with a biplane system is more complex than a single-plane
system. CyberChase function provides rapid biplane positioning to a region of interest,
without altering the table height.

Customize for your efficient workflow
Crossover FPD

A wider FOV 16 x 12 inch FPD is now available. By using the FPD rotation, an enhanced crossover solution is available which is applicable for neuro, abdominal and peripheral regions.