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spirometry software / analysis / management / data exchange

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spirometry software / analysis / management / data exchange spirometry software / analysis / management / data exchange - SIBELMED W20s


  • Function:

    analysis, management, data exchange, printing

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SIBELMED W20s is a powerful software for the transfer, analysis, storage and/or registration of spirometric signals which operates on Microsoft Windows®. It is compatible with all DATOSPIR spirometers, and its operation can be in real or deferred time, depending on the characteristics of the spirometer. It includes, among other functions:

Main Features
Patient DB management.
FVC, VC, MVV tests.
Bronchodilation tests.
F/V and V/T graphs.
Parameter selection.
Auto diagnosis selection.
Patient’s trend graph.
Printing reports set up.
Graphic display, with incentive tests for children and adults.
Pulse oximetry (SpO2) and Maximum Pressures Modules (MIP-MEP).
Compatible with HL7(spirometry CDA).

Technical Specifications
Parameters FVC / Bronchodilation FVC (l) FEV1 (l) FEV1/FVC (%) PEF (l/s) FEF50%(l/s) FEF25-75% (l/s) FEV6 (l) FEV1/FEV0.5 (-) PEFT Vext (l) FIVC (l) FIF50% FEF50/FIF50 QC Grades FEV.5 (l) FEV3 (l) FEV.5/FVC (%) FEV3/FVC (%) FEV1/VC (%) FEV1/FEV6 (%) FEV1/PEF (%) FEV1/FIV1 (-) PEF/PIF (-) FEF25% (l/s) FEF75% (l/s) FEF75-85% (l/s) FET25-75 (s) FET100 (s) FIV1 (l) FIV1/FIVC (%) PIF (l/s) MTT (s) MVVInd (l/min) COPD Index (%) Lung age (years) VC VC (l) TV (l) ERV (l) IRV (l) IC (l) Ti (s) Te (s) Tt (s) Ti/Tt (%) MVV MVV (l/min) Br./min (Br/min) Bronchoconstriction FVC (l) FEV1 (l) PEF (l/s) FEF25-75% (l/s) PDx Sp02 Maximum SpO2 (%) Average SpO2 (%) Minimum SpO2 (%) SpO2 Std Dev (%) Maximum PR (BPM) Average PR (BPM) Minimum PR (BPM) PR Std Dev (BPM) CT90 (%) CT80 (%) CT70 (%) ODI-4 ODI-3 ODI-2 Test time (hh:mm:ss)