automated protein analyzer / laboratory / benchtop
mosquito® X1

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automated protein analyzer / laboratory / benchtop automated protein analyzer / laboratory / benchtop - mosquito® X1


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Accurate nL - µL single channel pipetting
mosquito X1 offers precision low volume sampling of any individual well in any plate, using our unique positive displacement pipetting technology. Its hit picking capability makes mosquito X1 perfectly suited for HTS hit confirmation and secondary profiling, as well as high throughput sample normalisation and synthetic biology (DNA assembly).

Incredible power at the heart of your liquid handling processes

off the shelf automation for a range of applications
open file format for simple integration

eliminate cross-contamination
disposable pipettes for ensuring assay integrity

maximising reagent use and preserving precious sample
ultra low dead volumes as low as 0.2 µL

high speed hit picking directly into assay plates
averages only 6 seconds for aspirate, plate deck move, dispense and tip change

improved workflow efficiency and throughput
accurate low volume single channel pipetting

Single channel pipetting power for multiple applications
With its precision sampling, mosquito X1 enables researchers to quickly select any amount of sample, from any well on the deck and dispense it to another location. Samples can be multi-dispensed into multiple wells or plates, pooled into a single well and even mixed. The fine resolution of the system (1 nL) allows exact volumes to be accurately transferred for normalisation processes. mosquito X1 is uniquely suited for assembling DNA constructs from multiple DNA parts for high-throughput cloning applications.

Automation without the fuss
Extended walk away time is provided by the ‘off the shelf’ integration of the Cherry Picker II system.