temperature sensor / pressure / humidity / for the medical industry
S 505



  • Evaluation type:

    temperature, pressure, humidity

  • Applications:

    for the medical industry


✓ Portable dew point meter
✓Measures dew point, température and pressure (ail in one instrument)
✓3 sensor solutions available:
Q: -100 ... -30 °C sensor for trace moisture applications P: -50... +50 °C sensor for standard applications Q+P: covering the full range of dew point measurement
✓Modem colortouch screen interface
✓Data logger, USB interface, wireless communication connection to portable printer
✓Measuring / parking chamber for fast sensor response
✓Application software included

With the S505 SUTO has combined next génération measurement technology with modem user interface design. The experienced user knows that dew point measurement also requires the measurement of line pressure (according to ISO 8573), since dew point is pressure dépendent. With the S5Û5 the line pressure is measured in combination with the dew point, so the user can be confident that the calculation is accurate and free from human error.