veterinary radiography acquisition system / portable
Leonardo DR pico



  • Imagery type:

    for veterinary radiography

  • Ergonomics:



Small, light and functional -- that's the Leonardo DR mini.

The Leonardo DR mini is a wireless compact suitcase solution, weighing only 9.5 kg, which makes it one of the most lightweight X-ray suitcases in the world. With its slim and sleek design, the Leonardo DR mini supports doctors in the field of digital out-patient radiography. This X-ray suitcase can be used by any mobile medical services all over the globe, including small medical units on ships, yachts or oil rigs.

In cases of emergency or when there is no doctor on site, the X-ray images can be transmitted rapidly from the medical station to a specialist for an accurate diagnosis. The system can be operated with various X-ray detectors of different sizes.

The Leonardo DR mini is housed in a sturdy and easily manageable suitcase with an impact and stain-resistant synthetic coating, while the additional shoulder strap makes this X-ray suitcase easy to carry. There is also a built-in notebook with a high-resolution monitor and acquisition and diagnostic software guarantees included.