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High-Quality, High-Value Blood Bags With Advanced Donor Safety Features

The right choice for blood centers that want to:

Add flexibility by using sterile docking to adapt the bag to meet processing needs
Simplify inventory—no need for multiple types of blood bags in multiple configurations
Personalize safety features: available with needle injury protectors, pre-donation sampling bags and multi-sample luer adapter holders
Produce high quality products—made from biocompatible materials, with a shape that enhances mixing
Improve donor comfort with a high-quality phlebolomy needle

Traditional and top-and-bottom styles are available with these options:

One to five bags
CPDA-1 (citrate phosphate dextrose adenine) anticoagulant
CPD (citrate phosphate dextrose) anticoagulant and SAG-M (saline adenine glucose mannitol) additive solution
CPD anticoagulant and AS-5 additive solution, based on configuration