video corpo

data management software / printing / blood bank / automated



  • Function:

    data management, printing

  • Application domain:

    blood bank

  • Other characteristics:



Make the Most of Pre-Donation Interviews
This unique software program is designed to help you collect better component combinations from each donor. Use T-POD to better determine donor procedure eligibility and match donors with the components you need at that moment.
T-POD can help:

Maximize collection productivity, with a procedure priority list that helps collect the components needed most
Enhance donor recruitment by facilitating the discussion of apheresis versus whole blood collection during pre-donation interviews
Improve the communication of procedure priorities between supervisors and staff
Save time by letting you use your computer, instead of your Trima Accel® Automated Blood Collection System, to create procedure priorities
Basic hardware requirements include:

PC with Microsoft® Windows® XP or Windows® 7 installed