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operant conditioning system

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operant conditioning system operant conditioning system - Operant


Operant Conditioning In The Home Cage

Automated operant conditioning experiments within the animal’s home cage
Various stimuli, responses and reinforcement elements ensure customized experimental designs
Long-term self-motivated learning across light-dark cycle
Circadian performance analysis
Minimal human interference (reduces experimenter workload and minimizes animal stress)
Fast habituation within the home cage (no cage transfer/reduces task duration)
Can be used in combination with other Phenomaster modules (automated food/liquid restriction, wheel running as reward or response element, automated compound infusion, neural recordings or optogenetics)

The TSE Systems PhenoMaster features the only home cage integrated operant wall permitting fully automated operant conditioning experiments without the additional stress of transferring the animal to a separate test cage. Leaving the animal in the home cage has many advantages: it allows long-term experiments with more trials per animal, it facilitates performance monitoring across light/dark phases, it leads to faster habituation and learning (compared to the conventional Skinner box) it reduces experiment setup time and saves laboratory space.

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