monopolar cutting electrosurgical unit / bipolar cutting / bipolar coagulation / monopolar coagulation



  • Features:

    monopolar cutting, bipolar cutting, bipolar coagulation, monopolar coagulation

  • Application domain:

    surgical, veterinary

  • Type:


  • Cutting power:

    Max.: 100 W

    100 W

  • Coagulating power:

    Max.: 100 W

    50 W


VETBOT-150 mono and bipolar electrosurgical unit
VETBOT-150 electrosurgical unit is the device for simultaneous work with monopolar and bipolar accessories for the most difficult veterinary surgical operations.
Unique advantages:
The electrosurgical unit is possible to connect the four bipolar.
The knife electrode works with power feedback; it easily cuts the fat tissue of animals. Today it is one of the most demanded functions in the market of veterinary electrosurgery.
There is a function of feedback ligation vessels.
There is a possibility of contactless coagulation.

Main data:
Nominal basic frequency: 440 kHz.
Rated output power: Monopolar cutting, Bipolar coagulation 1 and Bipolar coagulation 2 - 100 W, Monopolar coagulation 50 W.
Nominal load: Monopolar cutting and Monopolar coagulation 500 Om, Bipolar coagulation 1 - 400 Om, Bipolar coagulation 2 - 200 Om.
Peak voltage, V, no more: Monopolar cutting - 450 V, Monopolar coagulation - 350 V, Bipolar coagulation 1 - 400 V, Bipolar coagulation 2 - 300 V.
Network:220 V, 50 Hz
High-frequency monopolar output leakage currents:no more 90 mA
High-frequency bipolar output leakage currents:no more 50 mA
Power consumption from the mains:no more 150 VA
sound level when switching on the modes:not less 65 dBA on the frequency (1000 ± 50) Hz
Ambient operating temperature range:from +10°C to +35°C
Permissible relative humidity:45-80%, non-condensing
Dimensions of the main unit:225х227х86 mm
The weight of the main electrical coagulator unit:no more 5 kg