medicine distribution trolley / storage / medication / with hinged door



  • Applications:

    medicine distribution, storage

  • Use:


  • Components:

    with hinged door, 15 to 24 containers


Type: 45.3A-2F
Trolley for 24 week sets
Laterally extendable work top
Holder with dispensers for MediCups
System insert for weekly system 01
Week Tray No. 591 with 7 MediDispenser 01 or Storage Tray No. 1191 with 8 MediDispenser 131 or 8x4 MediCups
Distribution Tray No. 241
SwissModul Tray (450x400x100 mm) for nursing supplies and additional medication
Lockable door
4 pivoting castors Ø 100 mm, with 2 front brakes