data management software / medication management / control / acquisition
Wiegand AutoInventory



  • Function:

    data management, medication management, control, acquisition, tracking

  • Application domain:


  • Medical establishment:

    hospital, operating room, for sterilization services, doctor's office, retirement home

  • Other characteristics:

    automated, for tablet PC, for smartphones, server


AutoInventory - The logistics solution for the healthcare sector

AutoInventory is an automated procurement system which is successfully used for consumables and textile washing. With AutoInventory, warehousing costs are reduced and the work processes of your employees are made more efficient.

The principle is simple: Each storage position can be detected by weighing with precise sensors and guided through the warehouse. In combination with our intelligent software and the appropriate interface to your system, AutoInventory enables you to have a completely autonomous ordering process.

The advantages of AutoInventory at a glance:
• Significant relief through automatic inventory
• Effective elimination of express orders
• Massive reduction of storage amounts
• Transparency with regard to the consumption of each department
• Complete relief of the care of logistic secondary activities
• Orders based on estimates will no longer exist
• Cost reduction and rapid refinancing in a maximum of two years
• Simple connection to existing systems
• Existing storage shelves and module cabinets do not need to be replaced

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