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art. no.: 41/49

MediDispenser 41


MediDispenser art. 41 with sliding lid art. 49-69-349
Available also as Week Set

Dimensions: 228x81x20mm
Material: [PS/PET]
Color: blue

Matching article:

art. no.: 49-69-349 - Sliding lid for MediDispenser 41, 61, and 341
art. no.: 991 - Week Tray for Dispenser 41, 61 und 341
art. no.: 191 - Week Container for Dispenser 41, 61 oder 341
art. no.: 193TQ-41-61-341.1bl - WeekBox for Dispenser 41, 61 and 341, blue design
art. no.: 7-41deR11/49 - Week set 41, printed with days of the week and periods of distribution, de
art. no.: 41de1/49 - MediDispenser 41, printed with periods of distribution, de
art. no.: 7-41deR/49 - Week set 41, with days of the week, de
art. no.: 7-41frR/49 - Week set 41, with days of the week, fr
art. no.: 7-41itR/49 - Week set 41, with days of the week, it
art. no.: 510.14-8de - Labels with administration periods, German
art. no.: 510.14-8en - Labels with administration periods, English
art. no.: 510.14-8fr - Labels with administration periods, French
art. no.: 510.14-8it - Labels with administration periods, Italien
art. no.: 510.44de - Labels with week days, German
art. no.: 510.44en - Label with week days, in English
art. no.: 510.44fr - Labels with weekdays, in French
art. no.: 147 - Label holder, adhaesive cover
art. no.: 510.47 - Label for patients name and medication
art. no.: 510.46 - Labels for patients data, short strip