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oxygen gas blender / dinitrogen / electronic
MED-MG Series



  • Gas type:

    oxygen, dinitrogen

  • Technology:



WITT gas mixers serves as an indispensable latest and most developed gas control equipment for medical applications in healthcare. Ambient air contains several impure particles like- pollutants, viruses, bacteria and dust. Medical application involves high requirements in terms of purity of used air and considers that as standard. The WITT-synthetic air gas mixers provide solution for reliable production of conventional Synthetic Air, a combination of pure nitrogen and oxygen in nearly atmospheric composition. This medical device has been developed all across the world in several stationary installations and highlights several useful attractive and advanced features like-low power consumption, easy integration, low maintenance and investment cost, intuitive handling through use of touch screen and high safety standard. Undoubtedly these Synthetic air gas mixers satisfy the highest quality needs concerning manufacturing, material and construction. Two gas analyzers working independently, assure the proper gas mixture of nitrogen and oxygen. Two solenoid valves, connected in series ensure that no gas can escape, even during failure of one valve. The solution is in accordance with European Medical Devices Directive, 93/42/EEC.