non-absorbable suture thread / orthopedic surgery

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non-absorbable suture thread non-absorbable suture thread


  • Resorbability:


  • Use:

    orthopedic surgery


Key Benefits
Strong, Precise, Flexible
Outstanding knot security
Precise knot placement
Smooth knot bundle
Appropriate for All Orthopedic Soft Tissue Repairs
High Strength Suture
FORCE FIBER™ is composed of an ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE)
material that is incredibly strong and durable. Built with a proprietary braid construction,
FORCE FIBER™ exhibits a flexibility and pliability that makes it easy to work with in the
operating room. It is nonabrasive and has a silk like feel that is gentle on tissue and gloves.
FORCE FIBER™ comes preloaded in INSITE™ suture anchors and the PITON™ 2.8 mm
anchor and is recommended for use with the PITON™ 3.5 mm Fixation Implant System
and ARTHROTUNNELER™ Arthroscopic Transosseous Tunneling Device.
FORCE FIBER™ is also available as a size 5 suture with K-60 needle, appropriate for use in
total shoulder arthroplasty
FORCE FIBER™ was tested against FiberWire™ and Ethibond™. The study*
indicates that FORCE FIBER™ suture significantly outperforms these two
competitive sutures with respect to straight pull and knot tensile strength