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1 products ArjoHuntleigh
ArjoHuntleigh BirthRight™
electric delivery bed (on casters) BirthRight™ ArjoHuntleigh

For labour, deliver, and recovery you need a single bed solution. For the progressive delivery ward, the Birthright power-driven delivery bed is made to be a cost effective...

Schmitz und Söhne PARTURA®
electric delivery bed PARTURA® Schmitz und Söhne

Partura® - the comfortable and versatile delivery bed structured so that the foot part can be diverted from the chief section for the accessibility of midwife and doctors. This multipurpose section...

2 products Borcad
Borcad 210 kg | AVE
electric delivery bed (on casters) 210 kg | AVE Borcad

The fact that the AVE birthing bed is unique in its design is obvious at first glance. While its design fully supports all aspects of the birthing procedure, the ergonomics of the bed make it comfortable...

Borcad 175 kg | VITA
delivery chair (electric, on casters) 175 kg | VITA Borcad

The VITA birthing chair can be used both for examination before delivery and during delivery....

Magnatek Enterprises Gynaecstar
delivery table Gynaecstar Magnatek Enterprises

Gynaecstar is a new concept of a Gynecology Delivery Table/Bed which enables easy handling of the patient by medical professionals while giving birth. With the use of this...

1 products Nitrocare
Nitrocare JMM02
electric delivery bed (on casters) JMM02 Nitrocare

This bed is used for post-operation needs and exams. This uses motors to adjust the backrest and height. The Trendelenburg and CPR setups are made...

Fjordblink Medical
birth pool Fjordblink Medical

The trauma of giving birth can be minimized with the help of FJORDBLINK Birth Pools. The aim of this ergonomically designed pool is to enable...


DATA SPESIFICATION : Dimension (mm) : 2010 (L) x 700 (W) x 1200 (H) All construction...

1 products RQL
RQL G0660
delivery chair (electric, on casters) G0660 RQL

Optimally meeting all requirements of birth assistants and the mother, the GOLEM birth tabb enabbs birth in the standard position with bent knees or in the knee-breast positbrvaswellas necessary procedures. A...

Takara Belmont Corporation   DG-820
height-adjustable delivery bed DG-820 Takara Belmont Corporation

DG-820 is ergonomically designed for L. D. R. ( Labor, Delivery and Recovery)....

Takara Belmont Corporation   DG-396
delivery bed DG-396 Takara Belmont Corporation

The ergonomically designed cradle shaped back support holds the patient...

Takara Belmont Corporation   DG-370N
electro-hydraulic delivery chair DG-370N Takara Belmont Corporation

DELIVERY & OPERATING TABLE The width of the table is 510mm, which is suitable for operations, the back...

1 products Hill-Rom
video Hill-Rom   Affinity® 4
electric delivery bed (on casters) Affinity® 4 Hill-Rom

The AFfinity 4 birthing bed is designed to enhance the birthing process...

2 products Hidemar
Hidemar H-600
delivery table H-600 Hidemar

This labour couch has an articulated backrest allowing the patient to be put into the...

Hidemar H-601
delivery table H-601 Hidemar

An intelligently designed gynecology table that also functions as a labor couch. It is made of very strong stainless steel. It offers great strength...

2 products Merivaara
video Merivaara Optima
electric delivery bed (on casters) Optima Merivaara

Delivery Bed Optima The Optima birthing bed has been designed with the mother, midwife and obstetrician in mind. Optima bed is designed with focus on ergonomics, safety and mobility to help create...

video Merivaara Optima
hydro-pneumatic delivery bed (on casters) Optima Merivaara

Designed structure provides more placement options for infusion rod. Instead of the side rail an accessory rail can be added for an extended range...

Inmoclinc, S. A Victory
height-adjustable delivery bed Victory Inmoclinc, S. A

The Gynaecology labour table features a painted steel structure, base fixed tables board fixed, gas system...

4 products VERNIPOLL SRL
VERNIPOLL SRL 19-PO900involved
hydraulic delivery bed (on casters) 19-PO900involved VERNIPOLL SRL

Now giving birth to a child made easy with this super amazing and extremely comfortable Labour and delivery...

hydraulic delivery bed (on casters) 19-PO900 VERNIPOLL SRL

19-PO900 is a labor and delivery bed which has a hydraulically adjustable height. The height can be hydraulically...

1 products Fanem
electric delivery bed (on casters) Fanem

Pre-delivery / Delivery / Post-delivery procedures; Equipped...

Hospimetal Ind. Met. de Equip. Hospitalares HM 2006
electric delivery bed (on casters) HM 2006 Hospimetal Ind. Met. de Equip. Hospitalares

Removable head - Removable headboard and footboard of injected polyurethane - Chassis with base built of steel and covered with high resistance thermoplastic material, supplied with tray for the annexes...

5 products Titanox
Titanox  M620000/U
delivery table M620000/U Titanox

LABOUR AND DELIVERY BED WITH REENTERING TROLLEY Frame made of enamelled steel tube. Two sections: one fixed and...

Titanox  M600361
delivery table M600361 Titanox

DELIVERY BED Frame made of chrome plated steel tube. Two sections: one fixed in square tube and one movable in round...

Titanox  M620000
delivery bed M620000 Titanox

DELIVERY BED Frame made of enamelled steel tube. Two sections: one fixed and one movable with diam....

Titanox  M620851
delivery bed M620851 Titanox

DELIVERY BED Frame made of chrome plated square steel tube. Three sections...

Titanox  M620852
delivery bed M620852 Titanox

DELIVERY BED WITH ACCESSORIES Frame made of chrome plated square steel tube. Three...

Detaysan Madeni Esya D-2792
height-adjustable delivery bed D-2792 Detaysan Madeni Esya

The delivery bed is designed with electrical adjustments. Theh ead and leg rest, height and trendelenburg reverse trendelenburg adjustments are done through hand remote control by means of electrical...

Detaysan Madeni Esya D-2520
delivery bed D-2520 Detaysan Madeni Esya

This features Wheeled and stationary parts, with Backrest adjustment. Leg part separable. Stainless...

ERYIGIT Medical Devices  STR 200D
electro-hydraulic delivery bed STR 200D ERYIGIT Medical Devices

ERM 200D is a delivery table designed for a physician to attain the maximum performance during the delivery.The...

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