laboratory workstation for the pharmaceutical industry / for powder handling / floor-standing
laboratory workstation for the pharmaceutical industry
Bag Out series

The Flow Sciences ETA Top Mount Series Bag-in/Bag-out safety containment systems are designed to recirculate filtered air back into the lab or attach to house exhaust with optional thimble accessory. The Bag-in/Bag-out system is designed ...

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Flow Sciences
differential scanning calorimeter / laboratory / for the pharmaceutical industry / for the food industry
differential scanning calorimeter
DSC PT1000

This product was developed to provide a general purpose TM - DSC with a broad temperature range (-150 – 725°C) for all common applications. Furthermore emphasis was placed on an extremely stable baseline and high reproducibility. The ...

air filter unit / for the pharmaceutical industry / with HEPA filter
air filter unit
Design-Aire LP

The Design-Aire LP is the smallest model in our line of fan-filter units. The sleek design of the stainless steel housing is ideal for pharmaceutical applications requiring frequent wipe downs. This compact model, however, is no step ...

laboratory viscometer / for the food industry / for the pharmaceutical industry / for the cosmetics industry
laboratory viscometer

SOFAST THE MOST EASY-TO-CLEAN BENCHTOP VISCOMETER FOR ULTRA-FAST MEASUREMENTS ON SMALL SAMPLES. SOFAST BV is the benchtop viscometer using the reliable vibrating technology at resonance frequency. Using a beaker or a 2ml sample ...

heat sealer for the pharmaceutical industry / impulse / bench-top
heat sealer for the pharmaceutical industry

The model 235 is an impulse heat vacuum sealer designed for the user that wants to get the job done without paying an arm and a leg. Perfect for vacuum sealing a wide variety of pouches from lightweight polyethylene to barrier bags. Built ...

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laboratory microscope / for biology / medical / for the pharmaceutical industry
laboratory microscope

Features: Magnification: from 40x to 2000x Rotatable monocular head Metal body Coordinate moving stage Coaxial coarse and fine focusing mechanism LED illumination with adjustable brightness Oil immersion Abbe condenser Iris diaphragm Achromatic ...

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laboratory workstation for the pharmaceutical industry / floor-standing / with sink / with downdraft ventilation
laboratory workstation for the pharmaceutical industry

Stainless Steel DFB Downflow Benches for Industrial ProcessesDFB Downflow Benches protect operators sitting at work during lengthy industrial processes where heavier-than-air toxic vapours, fumes, gases, odours, aerosols and particulates ...

laboratory viscometer / for the pharmaceutical industry / for the cosmetics industry
laboratory viscometer

The PCE-125 series Ford Flow Cup Meter uses gravity to measure the flow rate of a liquid. Under ideal conditions, flow rate is proportional to kinematic viscosity. Thus, a Ford cup is used to determine the kinematic viscosity of fluids. ...

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PCE Ibérica S.L.
medical thermosealer / for the pharmaceutical industry / automatic / in-line
medical thermosealer

World’s first thermo sealer with 100% thermal imaging inspection technology For the first time in the industry, Shemesh Automation presents the SealPro Total – here’s what the ‘total’ stands for: The SealPro Total is the first 100% ...

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bench-top water bath / for the pharmaceutical industry / microprocessor-controlled
bench-top water bath
CWB-10, CWB-20

Temperature range: 5 °C - 100 °C
Capacity: 10, 20 l

Features • Microprocessor Controlled • Stainless Steel Chamber • Internal Circulation pump for maximum uniformity • Stainless Steel LID included Description CWB-10 and CWB-20 Digital Water Baths are available in 10L and 20L capacity. ...

tablet conveyor-sorter / for the pharmaceutical industry
tablet conveyor-sorter

Built in product sorter Pre-sort chips, under, and over-sized tablets before feeding Gentle on products Sorts up to 10,000 tablets per minute

sterilization tunnel / for the pharmaceutical industry / depyrogenation
sterilization tunnel

Laminar Flow Depyrogenation Tunnel The new sterilization tunnel DEPYR 601 is the outcome of joint efforts of Neri/Corima who have merged their experience, quality and the latest cutting-edge technologies to produce a new concept of tunnel. ...

radioactive substance manipulation laboratory workstation / bench-top / shielded
radioactive substance manipulation laboratory workstation

Laboratory work station with high load capacity This workbench made of sturdy sectional steel is designed to bear heavy loads such as shielded work stations, lead castles, radiation safety vaults, or shielded measuring probes, and ...

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Isotope Technologies Dresden
diafiltration filtration system / ultrafiltration / microfiltration / for the pharmaceutical industry
diafiltration filtration system

The SARTOFLOW® Study will prove to be your best assistant in ultra- and diafiltration applications. It will assist you by conveniently displaying interactive prompts for easy guidance through entire sequences that will enable you to be ...

high-throughput screening laboratory workstation / for drug discovery / automated / bench-top
high-throughput screening laboratory workstation

OBPW, Inc. is now offering a variety of custom automation solutions to meet the needs of the HIGH THROUGHPUT SCREENING industry. These systems feature: • Processing speeds that can exceed 1000 plates per hour, depending on configuration • ...

radiochemistry laboratory workstation / floor-standing / shielded
radiochemistry laboratory workstation

8"x 8" x 4" lead glass window with 2" lead shielding on all sides. Dose Calibrator Chamber, shielded waste container are flush mounted to work surface floor. Sharp shield can be accessed via a shielding drawer. Give ...