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digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - CARDIOVIT AT-102

The CARDIOVIT AT-102 is a single, affordable device that can handle some of the most important cardiopulmonary function...

digital electrocardiograph / resting / 6-channel / with touchscreen - 12.1

The CardioExpress SL6 is a six-channel ECG reader that can be used to read and store as many as 200 12-lead CG tests and can even send this information to the Sentinel...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - CardiMax FX-7202

This advanced Electrocardiograph CardiMax model (FX-7202) features an alpha-numeric keyboard, 3/6...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - BTL-08 SD6

The BTL-08 S-Line ECG is the latest product from BTL who are well known for their portability and the long battery life, it can also be used on mains power....

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - cardiofax S ECG-1250

This machine comes standard with six channel recording and an LCD color screen....

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - KES-601T

The Kalamed KES-601 offers a small and lightweight ECG unit that includes a 6 channel printer. The device also has a large LCD display...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - SE-6B

-Six channel ECG machine with interpretation
-Multiple operation modes: Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - SE-6B

This unit provides an easy to read and operate touchscreen LCD display. At 7 inches with color, this displa can be connected to a thermal printer for manual or automated printing (3CH,3CH+1R,3CH+3R,

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - ECG-1106

The Six Channel ECG is part of the ECG B&W Series. This portable 6 channel ECG machine...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - ECG-1106G

The portable 6-Channel ECG Machine provides a real-time electrocardiogram waveform of a patient. It is capable of simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, save/replay of cases and has Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia analysis modes. It features a 320x240 graphic 3.8'' LCD display,...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel / with touchscreen - ZQ-1206

⊕ 7 inch color LCD touch screen operation system, easy to operate.
⊕ Manual/Auto printing: 3CH,3CH+1R,3CH+3R,

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - Cardico 601

This 6 channel Electrocardiograph has been designed to be as compact as possible whilst still offering a versatile functionality. It offers touch screen operation, using either a finger or a pen, patient...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - YM406i

12 Lead Resting ECG Analysis System.

12 Lead Interpretative ECG.

3/6Ch ECG Recording.


analog electrocardiograph / 6-channel - ECG 100C

This device can easily be connected to the PC. It has 12 lead acquisitions and 4 to 6 channel print format for better flexibility. The device comes equipped with Truse Interpretation Sensitivity Algorithm (TISA) and all the...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - AV-9600

• 5.7" Single Color LCD

• Alphanumeric Keyboard

• 300 Digital ECG Records Internal Memory

• External printer and data transmission support by USB port


digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - SE600

Comes with a 5.7" colour LCD display, with a multi language input and display, print out preview and editable results, this unit has been designed to be...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - SE600

Economic and Effective solution...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - JPD-E06

Portable 6 channel ECG machine
Working modes:Manual/Auto/Arrhymia Analysis modes
112mm、3/6 channel...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - ECG-8110

This 6 channel ECG monitor uses automatic interpretation and comes in manual and working modes. It uses a high resolution thermal printer with simultaneous 12 leads reading...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel - ECG-9061

Introduction :

● Portable 6 channel ECG machine

● Working modes:...

digital electrocardiograph / 6-channel / computer-based - ECG NM700

6 Channel Display
Ideal for Cardiac and Pulmonary...

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