6-channel electrocardiographs

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The CARDIOVIT AT-102 is a single, affordable device that can handle some of the most important cardiopulmonary function...


The CardioExpress SL6 is a six-channel ECG reader that can be used to read and store as many as 200 12-lead CG tests and can even send this information to the Sentinel...


The BTL-08 S-Line ECG is the latest product from BTL who are well known for their portability and the long battery life, it can also be used on mains power....


This machine comes standard with six channel recording and an LCD color screen....


This advanced Electrocardiograph CardiMax model (FX-7202) features an alpha-numeric keyboard, 3/6...


The Kalamed KES-601 offers a small and lightweight ECG unit that includes a 6 channel printer. The device also has a large LCD display...


-Six channel ECG machine with interpretation
-Multiple operation modes: Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia...


This unit provides an easy to read and operate touchscreen LCD display. At 7 inches with color, this displa can be connected to a thermal printer for manual or automated printing (3CH,3CH+1R,3CH+3R,

The Six Channel ECG is part of the ECG B&W Series. This portable 6 channel ECG machine...

The portable 6-Channel ECG Machine provides a real-time electrocardiogram waveform of a patient. It is capable of simultaneous acquisition of 12-lead ECG data, save/replay of cases and has Manual/Auto/Arrhythmia analysis modes. It features a 320x240 graphic 3.8'' LCD display,...


Portable 6 channel ECG machine
Working modes:Manual/Auto/Arrhymia Analysis modes
112mm、3/6 channel...


Product Features

6 channel ECG machine with interpretation

Manual/Auto/Arrhymia Analysis Modes


Product Features:

6 channel ECG machine with interpretation
Manual/Auto/Arrhymia Analysis...

Product features:

Accurate pacing pulse identification and automatic analysis function

Manual,auto,examination,storage modes

[Freezing function] can replay 12 seconds cardiograph...


⊕ 7 inch color LCD touch screen operation system, easy to operate.
⊕ Manual/Auto printing: 3CH,3CH+1R,3CH+3R,


This 6 channel Electrocardiograph has been designed to be as compact as possible whilst still offering a versatile functionality. It offers touch screen operation, using either a finger or a pen, patient...


12 Lead Resting ECG Analysis System.

12 Lead Interpretative ECG.

3/6Ch ECG Recording.



This device can easily be connected to the PC. It has 12 lead acquisitions and 4 to 6 channel print format for better flexibility. The device comes equipped with Truse Interpretation Sensitivity Algorithm (TISA) and all the...


Comes with a 5.7" colour LCD display, with a multi language input and display, print out preview and editable results, this unit has been designed to be...


This 6 channel ECG monitor uses automatic interpretation and comes in manual and working modes. It uses a high resolution thermal printer with simultaneous 12 leads reading...


Introduction :

● Portable 6 channel ECG machine

● Working modes:...


Style & Speedy
8 inch TFT LCD touching screen
12-leads waveform simultaneously displayed



Compact and lightweight
Large high resolution color TFT screen
Alphanumeric keyboard
One-touch operation
12 leads simultaneous acquisition

Compact and lightweight
Large LCD display
Alphanumeric keyboard
One-touch operation
12 leads simultaneous acquisition
Enhanced weak signal detection

Compact and lightweight
Narrow LCD display
Alphanumeric keyboard
One-touch operation
12 leads simultaneous acquisition
Enhanced weak signal...

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