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4 products HAEMONETICS

The ACP 215 is an automated cell processor that provides a simple and safe way to wash red blood cells, after a freezing and thawing process. The cells are glycerolized, deglycerolized,...


The MCS+ is a mobile, multi-component blood collection system that is dedicated to collecting blood components which include red blood cells, plasma, and platelets, and it can also perform therapeutic...

Therapeutic MCS®+ 8150 HAEMONETICS

MCS 8150 is a closed unit designed to draw the right components from a donor’s blood. It uses centrifugal separation principle...

Therapeutic MCS®+ 9000 HAEMONETICS

MCS®+ 9000 platelet collection system is a high performance mobile device dedicated to collection of components of blood platelets. Simple to install, light-weight and durable, it can...

4 products Terumo Medical
Terumo Medical Trima Accel®
Therapeutic Trima Accel® Terumo Medical

The Trima Accel Automated Blood Collection System is quick to set up and easy to use. It targets specific blood types and responds to in demand fluctuations. It maximizes the efficienty...

video Terumo Medical Spectra Optia®
Therapeutic Spectra Optia® Terumo Medical

The Spectra Optia Apheresis System is an advanced apheresis therapy and a platform for cell collections, which is founded on the system of COBE Spectra and helps medical practitioners...

Terumo Medical COBE® Spectra
Therapeutic COBE® Spectra Terumo Medical

The COBE Spectra Apheresis System is characterized by technology of Terumo BCT’s industry-leading therapeutic apheresis. Customized patient methodologies, which are at par with treatment objectives, incorporates...

Terumo Medical Elutra® Cell
For transfusion Elutra® Cell Terumo Medical

The device, Elutra Cell Separation System is used to separate cells, by a generalized method, into two groups of cell products: high purity and high yield. It was the first closed system to function efficiently...

1 products NIKKISO Europe
NIKKISO Europe Immonupure®
Immonupure® NIKKISO Europe

The Apheresis is used to successfully treat IBD disease (IBD: inflammatory bowel disease) and was introduced in some countries several years ago. The device has been successful with patients suffering...

5 products Fresenius Kabi
Fresenius Kabi Amicus™
Therapeutic Amicus™ Fresenius Kabi

Highly efficient Amicus™ cell separation device comes with component collection and cellular therapeutics applications, with an option for multiple component collection. It...

Fresenius Kabi Alyx™
For leukapheresis Alyx™ Fresenius Kabi

The Alyx mobile collection device is used in the collection of single donor multiple plasma products and leukoreduced 2RBC. Provides a collection option...

Fresenius Kabi Autopheresis-C™
For plasmapheresis Autopheresis-C™ Fresenius Kabi

The Autopheresis-C system with iTrace is an automated plasma collection system. Designed by Fresenius Kabi, it is able to deliver high volumes of virtually cell-free plasma in the safest manner...

Fresenius Kabi Aurora™
For plasmapheresis Aurora™ Fresenius Kabi

The Aurora™ is an automatic plasma collection device that features an improved vein control mechanism to maximize flow rates resulting in high volume collection levels...

Fresenius Kabi COM.TEC®
COM.TEC® Fresenius Kabi

Our efficient and highly innovative COM.TEC® C5 separation chamber is the apheresis technology of the future. Separation time is reduced to less than sixty minutes using a special single...

4 products TerumoBCT
1 products MEDICA
For leukapheresis LEUKOSMART MEDICA

Inflammatory bowel disease like Chron morb and Ulcerative colithis occurring together frequently with other associated diseases such as (arthritis) are all chronic diseases, if not mortal, still produces...

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