automated laboratory workstation / nucleic acid extraction / bench-top
automated laboratory workstation
QuickGene Auto240L

ADS Biotec offers the most advanced and state-of -the-art technology in laboratory automation. The QuickGene-Auto240L uses a patented porous membrane to realize the highest quality and yield in Nucleic acid extraction. ...

histopathology laboratory workstation / for sample preparation / floor-standing / with ventilation
histopathology laboratory workstation
50-130-301, 50-150-301

General information Type of instrument:Aspirated bench for histology. Model:Receiving Tech 130. Code:50-130-301. Description:Aspirated bench designed for the receiving of the disposable containers during the report of the histological ...

PCR laboratory workstation / bench-top / with UV irradiation / shielded
PCR laboratory workstation
P series

Optimizer PCR Workstations Optimizer PCR Workstations Improve Accuracy of Sensitive PCR Amplification Reactions The OPTIMIZER PCR Workstations are designed to provide an optimal environment ...

automated laboratory workstation / for assay processing / bench-top
automated laboratory workstation
Auto-LIA™ 48

Auto-LIA™ 48 offers fully automated processing for the complete range of INNO-LIA® tests from sample incubation to color development, ensuring ease, speed, and confidence. Art. no. 80629 (CE) Walk-away processing of INNO-LIA® strips ...

automated laboratory workstation / for assay processing / bench-top
automated laboratory workstation
Auto-LiPA 48

Walk-away processing of INNO-LiPA® and INNO-LIA® strips. Manufactured and distributed by Fujirebio Europe.Auto-LiPA 48 offers fully automated processing for the complete range of INNO-LiPA® and INNO-LIA® tests from hybridization to color ...

automated laboratory workstation / for liquid handling / bench-top
automated laboratory workstation

... Efficient multi-needle system and optimal travel paths for fast processing •Security owing to continuous recognition of sample, reagents and accessories via matrix- and barcodes •Convenient operation of the intuitive ...

grossing laboratory workstation / floor-standing / with sink / with ventilation
grossing laboratory workstation

The Funeralia Grossing Station has been specially designed for the histological examination of tissue samples. This further development reflects the increased demands for ergonomic efficiency in the workplace, digitalisation, flexibility, ...

bacterial culture laboratory workstation / automated
bacterial culture laboratory workstation

... robotics provides hands free bottle loading and unloading Flexible and scalable instrumentation adapts to any size laboratory VIRTUO® helps you redesign your workflow by reducing hands on time and increasing ...

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PCR laboratory workstation / nucleic acid extraction / fully automated / for sample preparation
PCR laboratory workstation
ELITe InGenius™

... prefilled unitary cartridge associated with multiple and independent PCR from one or several extracted samples enabling the laboratories to develop and custom testing panels according to their specific needs. Several ...

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ELITech Group
automated laboratory workstation / titration / bench-top / modular
automated laboratory workstation

... integrated titration system that caters to the needs of today’s laboratories. With OMNIS, we have gone beyond just creating a new titrator. We have put your requirements and your laboratory in the ...

automatic laboratory workstation / bench-top / with UV irradiation
automatic laboratory workstation

Microprocessor-controlled, cooled UV irradiation system for petri dishes and microtiter plates. Description In the BIO-SUN irradiation system, the emission of the UV light is constantly monitored by a microprocessor. The irradiation ...

formulation laboratory workstation / for molecular biology / automated / bench-top
formulation laboratory workstation

The complete automated formulation preparation platform. Exchange your process Buffer exchange is the first thing you need to tackle when you’re creating biologic formulations. But it’s an exhausting process. Let Grunt do all the dirty ...

laboratory workstation for cryogenic applications / for sample transport / mobile
laboratory workstation for cryogenic applications

The liquid nitrogen (LN2)-based BioT™ Cryogenic Mobile Workstation is a custom solution built specifically to your requirements for handling and transporting valuable temperature-sensitive biospecimens that require cryogenic ...

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PCR laboratory workstation / bench-top
PCR laboratory workstation

PCR WorkstationThe PCR Workstation provides effective decontamination of solutions, reagents and equipment before carrying out sensitive PCR reactions, particularly when amplifying DNA fragments which ...

scientific research laboratory workstation / automated / for liquid handling / compact
scientific research laboratory workstation

Simple, intuitive, and compact. Your easy entry into laboratory automation – for research, routine applications, and education. Make use of all the advantages of automated Liquid Handling Systems, even for small or ...

polymorph screening laboratory workstation / automated / for liquid handling / for powder handling
polymorph screening laboratory workstation

Automation Platform for Salt Pre-Screening and Polymorph Screening Studies Since polymorph screening is a tedious and time-consuming process, Zinsser Analytic have developed CRISSY®, an automated liquid and powder handling platform ...

high-throughput screening laboratory workstation / for drug discovery / automated / bench-top
high-throughput screening laboratory workstation

OBPW, Inc. is now offering a variety of custom automation solutions to meet the needs of the HIGH THROUGHPUT SCREENING industry. These systems feature: • Processing speeds that can exceed 1000 plates per hour, depending on configuration • ...

assay laboratory workstation / automated / bench-top
assay laboratory workstation
CROCODILE 4-in-one

Crocodile 4-in-one is a compact workstation processing your 96 well microplate assays. The instrument is a multi-purpose device, providing the same functionality as 4 individual instruments in a small footprint: • ...

cell culture laboratory workstation / cell imaging / automated / bench-top
cell culture laboratory workstation
PANSys 3000

PANsys3000 is a highly automated cell-culture system that enables a significant reduction in the manual processes as well as complete control and documentation of all cell-culture parameters. Apart from the automated control and supervision ...

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PAN-Biotech GmbH
radiochemistry laboratory workstation / floor-standing / shielded
radiochemistry laboratory workstation

8"x 8" x 4" lead glass window with 2" lead shielding on all sides. Dose Calibrator Chamber, shielded waste container are flush mounted to work surface floor. Sharp shield can be accessed via a shielding drawer. Give ...

bacterial culture laboratory workstation / automated / anaerobic / bench-top
bacterial culture laboratory workstation

... used with satisfaction by many laboratories in France and abroad. The BACT-R Plus has the essential characteristics that made the success of BACT-R and includes the necessary evolutions for the new requirements of laboratories. ...

grossing laboratory workstation / floor-standing / with sink
grossing laboratory workstation

ET-101/1 TRIMMING STATION / 1 USER GENERAL CHARACTERISTICS Fully stainless steel construction. Absorption system maintaining a clean atmosphere in the workplace. Dimensions: length 1300 mm, depth 850 mm, height 2100 mm. ...

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clean room workstation
clean room workstation

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UWC Industrial Sdn. Bhd.
pathology laboratory workstation / floor-standing
pathology laboratory workstation

Designed to be used in anatomy laboratories The Laboratory Cabinets are manufactured form AISI 304 18/8 quality chrome-nickel. Counter type cabinets come with block drawers, internal shelving and ...

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grossing laboratory workstation / floor-standing / with sink
grossing laboratory workstation

Ventilated Bench Model MVD manufactured by the company in 304 grade stainless steel in all work surfaces and operation. The table has vertical exhaust ventilation entire surface with removable work platform or linear ventilated work ...

automatic laboratory workstation / sampling / bench-top
automatic laboratory workstation
SSW 3S15001

... Safe Sampling Workstation (or SSW) helps you to perform computer-aided dispensing and manual aliquoting (even for small sample runs) with a high level of safety and traceability. The SSW Manual Distribution includes ...